I run because I love food

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Hi there, I regularly read your blog and really enjoy your tales. taking your lead I have added my best ever chilli recipe to my blog which I thought might amuse you. http://johnnyultra.blogspot.com/


Comment by Johnny Hall

Thanks for your comment Johnny – judging by your blog, you take the running bit slightly more seriously than the food bit. I’m firmly in the opposite camp…

Will try your chili sometime – looks like a warm one! And good luck with your extraordinary challenge.

Comment by irunbecauseilovefood

hi, great site, im one year in after being a fat smoker, great to hear what people are doing, can we swop links?

Comment by paul

Hi –
Well done so far on the Juneathon. How do you feel about reviewing a pair of Polaroid sunglasses? They just may be powerful enough to bring the sun out..or not. Depending. http://www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk/sunglasses/sports/running_sunglasses.htm

Well done a fun blog.


Comment by laura

Really like the blog! I love food too! (who doesn’t :))

I am updating my links page and have added a ‘friends of’ section for blogs like this. Would you like to swap links? (if not that is okay too!)

Keep up the good work!

Comment by Sam Newell

I found you in my quest to compile what I think is the biggest online list of women’s bike blogs (at http://bit.ly/WomenBikeBlogs). I feed posts via Twitter (@WomenBikeBlogs) and Facebook.com/WomenBikeBlogs, hoping to bring you more readers and build community among women who ride. We need to stick together and help create more like us!

Happy biking (and running) and blogging.


Comment by Barb from Bike Style Spokane

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